Wild Tips

Drywall Tips for the Do-it-yourself crowd

  1. Measure the length you need
  2. Using a T-Square as a guide, cut along the marks with a  Drywall Saw

  3. cutting drywall
  4. If you’re working with wood studs, hang sheets horizontally. Apply drywall adhesive before hanging
  5. Use a screw gun to attach the drywall to the wall studs. Insert screws four inches apart
  6. When attaching drywall to metal studs hang drywall vertically

  7. hanging drywall
  8. Tape coat using a 6 inch knife, spread a 4 inch wide layer of joint compound along the seam
  9. Apply drywall tape along the joints
  10. Apply a second layer of compound on top of the tape
  11. Use a 12 inch knife to apply a thin and smooth final layer of joint compound
  12. Wait 24 hours and use 120 grit sandpaper to smooth the walls

  13. finishing drywall